Hong Kong Chu Hai College

The College is established and registered as an Approved Post Secondary College under the Post Secondary Colleges Ordinance (Cap 320). It has provided 70 years of quality education and excellence to the Hong Kong community and remains committed to enhancing the educational opportunities for young people in Hong Kong.

A New Page for the College - Meeting the New Age of Education

Recognising the urgent importance of education reforms in Hong Kong, the College Board of Governors committed itself to broadening the education opportunities it offers to young people by enlarging its array of programmes. Its purpose and vision is to nurture future leaders, strengthen the competitiveness of Hong Kong, and help bring about a stable, prosperous and harmonious society in a knowledge-based economic environment.

Our New Campus in Castle Peak Bay - Successful Land Grant from the Government

The College Land Grant and Start-up Loan application to construct a purpose-built new campus was successfully endorsed and approved by the Education Bureau and the Legislative Council of the Hong Kong Government in June 2009.

The new campus is located at the beautiful site of Tuen Mun East Castle Peak Bay. The campus is located next to the beach in a serene environment where staff and students enjoy a pleasant and inspiring teaching and learning context. The stunning buildings house state of the art facilities for teaching, learning and research activities.

A Thoroughfare to Private University with its Accredited Programmes

In 2001, the Board of Governors of the College, established the College Development Committee to be responsible for preparing and submitting practicable plans for the long term development of the College.

In 2002, after consulting the Education and Manpower Bureau (EMB) and the Hong Kong Council for Academic Accreditation (HKCAA, now known as HKCAAVQ), the College invited the HKCAA to undertake accreditation of the College and its programmes.

In early 2003, the Hong Kong Council for Academic Accreditation (HKCAA) confirmed the granting of accreditation status to the College. At present, a total of twelve Master Degree Programmes and fourteen Bachelor Degree Programmes in various disciplines have all been successfully accredited by the HKCAAVQ and are fully recognized under the Hong Kong Government Qualification Framework (QF).

Undergraduate Programmes

The following degree programmes are accredited by the HKCAAVQ and fully recognized under the Hong Kong Qualifications Framework (QF).


The College is Registered with the Approval to award Degrees

Echoing the Government's policy of encouraging the development of private universities to introducing a more diversified and vigorous tertiary system in Hong Kong, the College successfully registered as an Approved Post Secondary College in July 2004.

As the result of years' of effort, the College was pleased to announce that, pursuant to the Post Secondary Colleges Ordinance, the Chief Executive in Council granted approval for Chu Hai College of Higher Education to change its Chinese name to 珠海學院, and to award degrees for the accredited programmes in October 2004.

Achieving Programme Area Accreditation (PAA) Status

Programme Area Accreditation exercises, conducted by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ), took place in 2014 and 2015. The College successfully obtained Programme Area Accreditations for nine programme areas, including Chinese Language, Chinese Literature, Journalism, Mass Communication, Accounting, Finance, General Business Administration, Civil Engineering and Architecture.

Twelve Master Degree Programmes Successfully Validated

The launch of these ten Master Degree Programmes not only initiated a new stage of our College development, but also helped to further enable the College’s overall research capability.

In addition to its existing Bachelor Degree Programmes, the College also has had the following twelve Master Degree Programmes successfully validated by the HKCAAVQ since 2015.


Success in a 4-Year Tertiary Education System

With the excellence of its 4-year tertiary education system in Hong Kong, the College expects its students not only to excel in their professions but also possess virtues and a broad a knowledge base along with confidence to cope with our ever-challenging world.

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